This award honors teams that engineer the successful launch of a new hotel, hotel conversion, major renovation or new hotel facility (such as a restaurant or spa). Along with a description of marketing budget and activities undertaken (both traditional and digital), the winning campaign will demonstrate a successful launch by providing:
• Incremental revenue driven by campaign efforts – Please provide the percentage revenue increase from pre-launch to post-launch (i.e., Prior to renovation, your restaurant averaged $100,000 in monthly revenue. Post launch campaign, it is now averaging $115,000 in monthly revenue, a 15% monthly incremental revenue contribution).
• Total revenue attributable to campaign efforts
• Examples of marketing tactics used
• Examples of achieved or anticipated media coverage in target publications/key local and regional media outlets

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  • Please be certain to address all of the specific award criteria in this section and describe how your hotel/nominee meets this criteria.
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  • (i.e revenue generated, RPI increase, Guest satisfaction scores, etc.)
  • List other related commendations or previous awards/recognition that your hotel/nominee has received for the award year.
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